Monday, December 1, 2014

Time Goes By...

Hello one and all,

Did everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving weekend? Can you believe it has come and gone and it is December already? Where has the time gone? One minute we are wearing shorts & flip flops the next we are bundled up & wearing boots. How about a recap of my weekend?

Wednesday I was lucky enough to have no classes, so I took the morning to sleep in. Good thing I did because work was insane that night. I barely had time to think that night. I literally was running out of the pharmacy that night. I came home and watched some tv with my mom before crashing.

Thursday, Eleni (my sister) and I woke up early and curled up on the couch to watch the parade. It's actually quite hilarious because my sister and I can only watch the parade on NBC. It is probably because it has always been the way we do things, why change it now? After that my sister and mom took to the kitchen to begin dinner. I am not a cooker, never have been and very doubtful I will ever be. However, my sister really wanted to learn this year so her and my mom took over the kitchen. I spent the day stringing popcorn and watching different shows I had dvr'd recently. Once the dinner was ready we took to the dinner table and enjoyed dinner and conversation. Following dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and took a nap. We needed the power nap for the night of shopping. At about 9:30 we got ready for our shopping. We stopped by my aunt's to see very one before heading out towards the shops. We spent the night shopping and made it home about 5:30 am.

Friday, we slept in a little bit to let the stores slow down a bit. We headed out towards the mall for some  more shopping before our nail appointment. I didn't get any Christmas nails just yet, however the red and gold is coming soon. After our nail appointment we headed back to my aunt's house for some time with the cousins. My baby cousin is literally due any moment, I cannot wait to meet Baby Boo Boo (name is still up in the air). After that we came home and watched Divergent and strung more popcorn. I made a bad habit of not getting enough sleep this weekend, as I didn't go to bed until around 3 that night.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early to meet my cousin to take some amateur maternity photos. I am not sure how they turned out as I have yet to put them on the computer but I cannot wait to edit the photos. It will just have to wait until after finals in the coming weeks. After that I cam home and fell asleep on the couch. It was quiet in the house, so a nap on the couch was a must! After my nap I had to get ready for a night out with some friends. We finally went and seen Mockingjay Part One, OMG! I cannot wait for the next part. It was nice to be out with friends without any school worries. After that I came home and put on That Awkward Moment and worked on some papers for school. First of all my love for Zac Efron can go on for days! Second of all, the movie was hilarious are parts. Definitely made working on projects less painful.

Sunday was a day of laziness and dreading the real world. Final touches on school things and preparing for the last week of classes.

Wednesday should be my first of studying for finals post, so keep an eye out!


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