Wednesday, October 22, 2014

...bffs eternally...

This post is for my best friend who I miss so much. It has been a year since we've seen each other and it makes me so sad. 

Me and Lillian met five years ago. We met online (livejournal days) and met up for the first time at a concert. Since then we have been to a gazillion concerts (I just tried to count and kept losing count) and even more road trips. 

Even though we don't get to spend as much time together now or talk everyday I know she will be my friend forever. MISS YOU!!

This was my first trip to NYC!!

This was us seeing Honor Society at the VA State Fair.

This was us seeing Nick Jonas and it was pouring rain and the town flooded. 

This was us super excited in NYC. 

This was us at an Action Item show. 

Obviously at a Demi Lovato show.

This was on the side of the road on the way to a Demi show, a car caught on fire so we take pictures.

This is us all bundled up in in Times Square for New Year's Eve. 

Random bar in Nashville.

Being tourists in Nashville. 

I miss you Lillian! Me you and Taylor in Nashville when she announces dates???


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