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Monday, December 1, 2014

Time Goes By...

Hello one and all,

Did everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving weekend? Can you believe it has come and gone and it is December already? Where has the time gone? One minute we are wearing shorts & flip flops the next we are bundled up & wearing boots. How about a recap of my weekend?

Wednesday I was lucky enough to have no classes, so I took the morning to sleep in. Good thing I did because work was insane that night. I barely had time to think that night. I literally was running out of the pharmacy that night. I came home and watched some tv with my mom before crashing.

Thursday, Eleni (my sister) and I woke up early and curled up on the couch to watch the parade. It's actually quite hilarious because my sister and I can only watch the parade on NBC. It is probably because it has always been the way we do things, why change it now? After that my sister and mom took to the kitchen to begin dinner. I am not a cooker, never have been and very doubtful I will ever be. However, my sister really wanted to learn this year so her and my mom took over the kitchen. I spent the day stringing popcorn and watching different shows I had dvr'd recently. Once the dinner was ready we took to the dinner table and enjoyed dinner and conversation. Following dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and took a nap. We needed the power nap for the night of shopping. At about 9:30 we got ready for our shopping. We stopped by my aunt's to see very one before heading out towards the shops. We spent the night shopping and made it home about 5:30 am.

Friday, we slept in a little bit to let the stores slow down a bit. We headed out towards the mall for some  more shopping before our nail appointment. I didn't get any Christmas nails just yet, however the red and gold is coming soon. After our nail appointment we headed back to my aunt's house for some time with the cousins. My baby cousin is literally due any moment, I cannot wait to meet Baby Boo Boo (name is still up in the air). After that we came home and watched Divergent and strung more popcorn. I made a bad habit of not getting enough sleep this weekend, as I didn't go to bed until around 3 that night.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early to meet my cousin to take some amateur maternity photos. I am not sure how they turned out as I have yet to put them on the computer but I cannot wait to edit the photos. It will just have to wait until after finals in the coming weeks. After that I cam home and fell asleep on the couch. It was quiet in the house, so a nap on the couch was a must! After my nap I had to get ready for a night out with some friends. We finally went and seen Mockingjay Part One, OMG! I cannot wait for the next part. It was nice to be out with friends without any school worries. After that I came home and put on That Awkward Moment and worked on some papers for school. First of all my love for Zac Efron can go on for days! Second of all, the movie was hilarious are parts. Definitely made working on projects less painful.

Sunday was a day of laziness and dreading the real world. Final touches on school things and preparing for the last week of classes.

Wednesday should be my first of studying for finals post, so keep an eye out!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Five

Another week has come and gone… Time goes by faster and faster these days. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was throwing my cousin's baby shower and now in just a week it will be Thanksgiving. So, here is this week's Friday Five!

1. Christmas Lists

I swear if one more person asks me what I want for Christmas… I feel like I have reached that part of my life where I honestly do not know what I want for Christmas and I feel bad for asking for expensive things. So, give me some suggestions.

2. Finals

Finals are looming in the near future. This semester I am incredibly lucky as I have only two classes that will have finals. Unfortunately, one of which is my hardest class, finance. YUCK! I am going to try and start a finals series next week. Fingers crossed that it will happen.

3. Bruins' Fan

I absolutely love this video! I hope he will always remember this day because it is something not everyone will ever get to experience. I dare you not to smile during this video!

4. S Club 7

It happened! It really happened. They reunited and it was so good. They performed a melody at a telethon on BBC last week and it was so worth the wait! If you are in the UK they are doing a tour, go for me!

5. UVrApe.

If you have not read the article (A Rape on Campus) Rolling Stone put out. Do it ASAP. It is insane and it will make you feel things you weren't sure you could feel. Being from VA and UVA being just an hour & half drive from where I live, reading this story hits home. Not in the sense I have ever been a victim but just that it could be anyone. A friend and I were discussing it today, we just don't hear of such things happening on our campus. Recently there was an incidence reported and our school president has made it his mission to find the people responsible and make sure they are punished and that alone makes you feel a little bit safer. If you or somebody you know have been a victim seek help! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Public Bathroom Etiquette 101

I once joked that I was going to a whole blog on just public bathroom etiquette. Instead I'll just do a blog post for you guys. So here goes!

1. If you sprinkle while you tinkle, use some tissue to clean up the issue!

When I am going to a public bathroom, I usually really have to go and asap. Which means I don't want to go down every stall looking for one that does not have your bodily fluids on it. How does one get these fluids all over the back and on the sides? Their hovering skills need some work.

This is not only important because I have to go, but for health reasons! You can get ebola from bodily fluids people! I don't want to have to take care of this issue for you.

So, again make sure the seat is clean before you leave!

2. Turn around and make sure you didn't leave anything behind!

Again, I don't want to have to look down a row of stalls looking for one that had no presents left behind! It takes two seconds to flush a toilet! Please do it!!! I really have no concern to know what you did when you went to the bathroom.


Please take the time you wash your hands! If you don't do it when your at home that is your prerogative (and disgusting btw!) but when you are out in public please think of other's health!

Flu season is upon us and one of the easiest ways to prevent it is washing your hands! Hot water and soap can be your best friend!

4. Mirror Space

I know mirrors are for looking and making sure everything is the way it is supposed to be and what not.. However, yo do not need to spend fifteen minutes in front of the mirror right next to the towel dispenser! I then have reach around you to get a paper towel to dry my hands. Be considerate people!!

Alright, if you follow these simple steps the world will be 1% better the next time you go to a public bathroom. Maybe not but please consider these the next time you use the bathroom!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Monday: My 1989 Album Review

I could have posted this the day the album came out. I could have posted this the following day. I could have posted this last week. However, I waited this long for a reason. I needed to listen the album so many times so I could really write about how I feel about the album. I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since I was 16 and a junior in high school. I am now 25 and even more of a fan. Here is my review for every song on the album!

Welcome To New York

This song reminds me of the first time I ever went to New York. I just remember all the lights and thinking this place can make anyone's dreams come true if you let it. It is such an amazing city.

Blank Space

If you are not equally obsessed with this song as me then we are so over. No really this song has been my go to song since the first listen. There is so much about this song that I love. I was really having a blast with this song on the way home from work the other day and got total side eye from some guy in the car beside me. IT'S TAYLOR OKAY?


This is another favorite of mine. The song reminds me of watching Grease. I know that probably sounds insane, but the way she describes the guy in the song all I can think about is Danny Zuko and Sandy. I am a huge Grease fan and I am going to pretend that Taylor is too, ok? This is another fun song that you just cannot stop listening too.

Out Of The Woods

This song is an amazing song about a love coming and going. Taylor may have left country music but if you changed the beats up a little bit this could have been a country song. The story telling in this is amazing!

All You Had To Do Was Stay

This song's statement is simple. You had one job to do, it was to stay. You left so now it's gone. This song has a different sound. I really like the technoy stay in the background.

Shake It Off

I have already given you my synopsis on this one, so I won't bore you again.

I Wish You Would

I feel like this song was written before All You Had To Do Was Stay, before she realized she was over him and she really wanted him back. But I love the sound of the song, the music even sounds like it is begging him to come back. I wish I, I wish I...

Bad Blood

Have you ever had a best friend who totally stabs you in the back and you can't seem to get that friendship back? Like totally sleeps with the guy you have been crushing on forever and then proceeds to tell you the story all the time? Okay, that totally happened to me, but that's another story for another day. However, THIS SONG IS TO YOU OKAY?? 

Wildest Dreams

I love this song. I can't really pinpoint what I love about this song. Maybe the fact that she is trying to get him to remember the good not the bad, even if he can only remember it in his wildest dreams

How You Get The Girl

Taylor described this song perfectly. "“The song ‘How You Get the Girl’ is a song that I wrote about how you get the girl back if you ruined the relationship somehow and she won’t talk to you anymore,” Swift explained. “Like, if you broke up with her and left her on her own for six months and then you realize you miss her. All the steps you have to do to edge your way back into her life, because she’s probably pretty mad at you.“So it’s kind of a tutorial. If you follow the directions in the song, chances are things will work out. Or you may get a restraining order.”"

This Love

This song is so sad sounding. It makes me sad listening to it, so I will admit if I am in my car, I skip over it. Still love it though, just not a car song.

I Know Places

This song reminds me of her saying here trust me and I'll keep you safe nobody will ever find us. Not to mention it is amazing to listen to in the car!

I like this song and somedays I don't. I cannot figure out why? Every time I listen to it all I can hear is my mom asking me how she reached the roof to punch a hole in it. So there's that.


I am a huge sucker for Alice In Wonderland and I love references to the book/movie in songs so this song gets a win! It also has the techoy ey ey in it so again I love it.

You Are In Love

I love this song because she is talking about finally realizing you are in love with someone. You now know why so many people fight so hard for it. GAH LOVE IT.

New Romantics

I love this song so much. It is so catchy and you are like yeah heartbreak is the national anthem! It is another one of those car songs that I love!!!

So, Taylor Swift, you are amazing and have put out yet another AMAZING album and I am proud to call myself a fan. 

Do yourself a favor and go buy this album!!!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five

Okay, this week's Friday Five is my favorite quotes lately so here we go!

What makes you beautiful is you being yourself. 
Sometimes it is hard to remember and even accept but it is an important lesson to learn.

This one is a tough one sometimes for me, but if I need a reminder I just read this a couple of times.

Go out and do something you wouldn't do. 
Get your nose pierced during a trip to NYC. (True story I did that once!) 
Go out and get crazy!

If you are constantly looking at things you want, you tend to forget things that you already have.
You may want that dream job, but you have to remember the friends you have at you current job.
Remember the things you have, they are usually better than the ones you want.

My mom has been preaching this to my sister and I forever. 
If something isn't going right or I didn't get want I wanted and I am venting to my mom she simply always says, "It is what it is".
You can't change what has already happened, so move on.

Keep an eye out for my full length review on Taylor Swift's 1989 on Monday! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five

1. S Club 7 is reuniting!!!! Aaah I loved them when I was in middle school. I know it's just for one night but it's like a little piece of my childhood! What was your favorite episode/song?? 

Here is my favorite song:

2. While searching for that video I cam across One Direction covering that song so I had to add it.

3. Moccasins 

It is finally feeling like fall here so I have broke out my moccasins. I love moccasins for the in between weather. They are so comfy too. These are very similar to the ones I am wearing.

4. Taylor Swift

I love Taylor so much and I have been so obsessed with her lately!! I am dying for her new album but currently Out Of The Woods is my favorite.

5. This quote: 

Someone pinned it on Pinterest and I was like hello new life quote. 

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