Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five

Okay, this week's Friday Five is my favorite quotes lately so here we go!

What makes you beautiful is you being yourself. 
Sometimes it is hard to remember and even accept but it is an important lesson to learn.

This one is a tough one sometimes for me, but if I need a reminder I just read this a couple of times.

Go out and do something you wouldn't do. 
Get your nose pierced during a trip to NYC. (True story I did that once!) 
Go out and get crazy!

If you are constantly looking at things you want, you tend to forget things that you already have.
You may want that dream job, but you have to remember the friends you have at you current job.
Remember the things you have, they are usually better than the ones you want.

My mom has been preaching this to my sister and I forever. 
If something isn't going right or I didn't get want I wanted and I am venting to my mom she simply always says, "It is what it is".
You can't change what has already happened, so move on.

Keep an eye out for my full length review on Taylor Swift's 1989 on Monday! 

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