Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Public Bathroom Etiquette 101

I once joked that I was going to a whole blog on just public bathroom etiquette. Instead I'll just do a blog post for you guys. So here goes!

1. If you sprinkle while you tinkle, use some tissue to clean up the issue!

When I am going to a public bathroom, I usually really have to go and asap. Which means I don't want to go down every stall looking for one that does not have your bodily fluids on it. How does one get these fluids all over the back and on the sides? Their hovering skills need some work.

This is not only important because I have to go, but for health reasons! You can get ebola from bodily fluids people! I don't want to have to take care of this issue for you.

So, again make sure the seat is clean before you leave!

2. Turn around and make sure you didn't leave anything behind!

Again, I don't want to have to look down a row of stalls looking for one that had no presents left behind! It takes two seconds to flush a toilet! Please do it!!! I really have no concern to know what you did when you went to the bathroom.


Please take the time you wash your hands! If you don't do it when your at home that is your prerogative (and disgusting btw!) but when you are out in public please think of other's health!

Flu season is upon us and one of the easiest ways to prevent it is washing your hands! Hot water and soap can be your best friend!

4. Mirror Space

I know mirrors are for looking and making sure everything is the way it is supposed to be and what not.. However, yo do not need to spend fifteen minutes in front of the mirror right next to the towel dispenser! I then have reach around you to get a paper towel to dry my hands. Be considerate people!!

Alright, if you follow these simple steps the world will be 1% better the next time you go to a public bathroom. Maybe not but please consider these the next time you use the bathroom!

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