Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five

1. S Club 7 is reuniting!!!! Aaah I loved them when I was in middle school. I know it's just for one night but it's like a little piece of my childhood! What was your favorite episode/song?? 

Here is my favorite song:

2. While searching for that video I cam across One Direction covering that song so I had to add it.

3. Moccasins 

It is finally feeling like fall here so I have broke out my moccasins. I love moccasins for the in between weather. They are so comfy too. These are very similar to the ones I am wearing.

4. Taylor Swift

I love Taylor so much and I have been so obsessed with her lately!! I am dying for her new album but currently Out Of The Woods is my favorite.

5. This quote: 

Someone pinned it on Pinterest and I was like hello new life quote. 

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