Monday, August 11, 2014

Back To School: School Supplies Haul

....sorry for the crappy photo....

Aaaah where has the summer gone??? I swear just yesterday I was counting down the days until summer began and now in just a week a couple of days I'll be back at it again. Anywho, anyone out there care about my school supplies I bought for the semester? 

1. First up are some binders. I bought 2 binders, one for my MWF classes and one for my TR classes. The thicker one is for my TR classes because I have more classes that day then MWF, so a smaller one will suffice for that. 

2. Tab Dividers, that's a given right? One tab for each class.

3. Page protectors, you can't see them too well in this picture. How I use them will be better explained in a post to come.

4. Notebooks, okay some of you use one 5 subject notebook. That method does not work for me. I write far too big and 5 subject notebooks do not have enough paper for me.

5. Pen Pouch. I love this pen pouch. I got it at Kirklands and it is beyond perfect. It's even monogrammed with my initial, J. 

6. For pens, I went with Pilot G2 gel roller pens. I love these pens because all the colors they come in and how thin the write. With how big I write the thinner the better! 

7. For pencils, I went with the Paper Mate Clear Point mechanical pencils. I like these because the comfort grip on them that most mechanical pencils do not offer. Lots of writing with uncomfortable pencils cause too much pain some days. 

8. Highlighters, when it comets to studying highlighters can be my best friend. Plus all the pretty colors! 

9. Index cards are my best friends. Each subject can be studied through flash cards at some point! 

10. My final and favorite thing is my agenda. Lillly Pullitzer makes the best agendas in my opinion. They offer lots of room to write my assignments and a monthly view for me to always see in the future. Once school gets rolling I'll show how I use mine.

Sorry that my photo sucks. I haven't felt too well so I didn't have the energy to take a picture, load it on him laptop and what not. Sorry. 


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