Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five - Music Edition

This week I'm going to give you my 5 current favorite songs I've been listening to...

1. Can't stop, won't stop grooving

 Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Oh Taylor, she knows how to put out a song and kill it. I cannot wait for the album, it's going to be so different from her old stuff but different can be good.

2. Jammin' to some old Alabama with you, baby

Laying right here naked in my bed
I'm just doing my thing
You love it when I sing
Burnin' It Down by Jason Aldean

Okay, I love this song. There is something about this song, I think it's super sexy. I don't know. I highly suggest a listen!!!

3. Aww no, Conway and George Strait 
Never did it this way
Back in the old days
Aww y'all, we ain't a cliché 
That ain't no way 
To treat a lady 

Girl In A Country Song by Maddie & Tae

Okay this song is hilarious and such a funny take on brocountry... These girls are going places.

4. She might've let you hold her hand in school, but I'mma show you how to graduate

Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj


If you want to really jam out and look like a fool this is the song you are looking for. I love it! 

5. We could straight up blame it on the whiskey, 
you ain't gotta wake up and miss me, no, 
I hope you get lonely tonight

Hope You Get Lonely by Cole Swindell

Gah this song is perfect in so many ways. I just love driving around and singing this at the top of my lungs.

If you can't tell I'm really into country lately. I love me some country, but I love everything so you could very well see something completely opposite in a week or two!

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