Monday, September 1, 2014

First Week Recap

Okay, someone explain to me how it was Labor Day and it was hotter than the whole month of August? Dear Mother Nature, are you confused??

Anywho, I cannot believe I have already been in school a whole week. I also cannot believe it is my last fall semester. I think this semester is going to be interesting. Of my five classes, three of them involve group projects! I hate group projects, but I am incredibly lucky to work with Hayley (she is amazing, check her out) in two of those groups! My school schedule and work schedule is looking quite promising.


9 a.m. - Managerial Skills Development

This is a class with Miss Hayley! We were thrown into a group with others, it shall be interesting.

10-11 Break time!

This is an hour break that me and Hayley usually use to talk blogs and youtube videos. You know a social media recap.

11 a.m. - Business Stats 2

This class is pretty much self explanatory.

Then I head to work from 1-9 pm.


I try to be at school by 9 a.m. to have some time to do some reading, blogging or to watch some shows (lately it's been Nashville since this show is AMAZING!). I like having some extra time to do some things I wasn't able to get to do the night before.

11 a.m. - Financial Management

Another group project class, in which we have to pick a company and decide to purchase stock from the company. Joy! I am the only Admin/Management major amongst 5 Accounting people. It'll be interesting. So far we've only learned the time value of money, which I learned in Real Estate last semester so I'm doing okay in the class thus far.

12:30 p.m. - Social Entrepreneurship

Before taking this class I am pretty sure I have never spelt the word entrepreneurship. It is also the hardest word for me to spell! Between that and convenience, it would look like I couldn't spell! I wasn't sure exactly what this class was before, okay I lie, I apparently had an extremely different idea of what this class was. However, I have it with Hayley and we are in a group together. Our group is working to help find a solution for a homeless need. We are going out to interview some different homeless people around campus. It's going to be very interesting.

3:30 p.m. - Managing People In Organizations

This class has been rather boring. I can't pay attention long enough, if my life depended on it. Not to mention I don't have any friends in the class. However, there is one of those people in class, you know the people who have something to say about EVERYTHING! It drives me crazy.

I pull the rest of my hours on Saturday and Sunday. My main goal of the semester is to be in bed by 10:30 and asleep before midnight. I've done pretty well so far and I hope to continue it, which is why I am rapping this up now.

Goodnight and I hope everyone has a good week at school!


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